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Tony and Mike Blunt grew up in Sturminster Newton situated in the county of Dorset in the UK.

From a relatively early age both of them were interested in music, Rock and Roll to be more precise and learnt to play guitar in their early teens with Tony going on to play professionally with many bands including 'The Electric Bath' and the original 'Rock Doctors' who still have gigs in the south west of england. Why not take a look at the Rock Doctors site -

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Tony Blunt

Tony is an accomplished musician and has played alongside some very big names in the music industry and because of his huge practical experience has been able to steer the development of the 'Green Giant' and the 'Green Dwarf' amplifiers over the many years separating them in virtually all aspects other than the actual electronics and indeed the sound of the amplifiers is a tribute to Tony's pursuit for detail or more likely "it needs more grunt" aspirations.

Tony is also known from time to time to make some amazing guitars of which are still regularly gigged. We will post some photo's of these along with some that Mike made on this site in the near future.

Mike Blunt

Mike joined the Royal Navy after leaving school to learn electronics and only played music sporadically and whilst playing in several bands inluding 'Blues Nucleous' and 'Auntie Maggies Remedy' (You've never heard of them!) continued to pursue electronics as his first career.

In the early 70's Mike started developing amplifiers specifically for Tony and this culminated in the 'Green Giant' which subsequently was just too over-engineered and expensive to become commercially successful at the time of it's inception. However, with the current trend of musicians wanting much lower powered valve amplifiers that offered a truly authentic 60's sound, Mike decided to take another bite out of this particular cherry and is now able to offer the VS30 'Green Dwarf' amplifier shown on this site. Several variations of the 'Green Dwarf' are planned so watch this space.

The SS100 'Green Giant' on the other hand, would probably be considered a health risk these days due to it's excessive volume when cranked up but now is also being made available again for all of those Metal-Heads and psychopaths out there.

The philosophy behind all of Mikes amplifier designs has been to keep them simple for ease of use but to offer the widest possible sound variations without being gimicky.

Mike has remained actively involved commercially and privately with electronics all of his adult life and integrates as much innovation into the amplifier and clock designs featured on this site as is practically possible whilst retaining the basic flavour of what we are trying to achieve.

Mike lives in Cornwall with his wife (not to mention a collection of 70 oscilloscopes) and still enjoys drinking, sleeping and other pursuits!