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Welcome to Blunt Instrument

This website is a composite of the efforts of two brothers over the course of their lifetimes. Now they believe it is time to share this experience with the rest of the world...

Custom Tube Amps

Custom tube amplifier

The Green Dwarf guitar amplifier offered for sale follows in the tradition of the SS100 Green Giant which is now being relaunched.

Fret Cutting

Accurate fret cutting

Quite a few people enjoy making their own guitars / fretted instruments, however one of the most demanding parts of this hobby is the ability to cut the fret slots accurately. We can now offer this service to a very high accuracy.

Steampunk CRT Nixie Clocks

CRT steampunk clock

My Steam Punk CRT Clocks are hand made to the highest standards using cathode ray tubes. Each one is unique.

The Scope Doctor

Analogue oscilloscope

The oscilloscopes I offer on Ebay or this website are fully refurbished and calibrated. They are not offered as a cheap short term solution, but to collectors or engineers who need a good analogue oscilloscope with a long life expectancy.